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Ви можете оформити підписку та отримувати повідомлення на вказану електронну адресу про наші новини та гарячі пропозиції


Basic package

Optional short and day tours

Historical Kyiv

Kyiv Food & Drink

Speakeasy Kyiv - Bar Crawl Drinking Tour

Kyiv National Opera House

Chernobyl zone and Pripyat-town

Strategic Missile Forces Museum

Tunnel of Love and Amber Museum + Amber Shop

Mezhyhiria Presidential Residence

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What’s included in the basic package

Not included in the basic package

Why to choose Anga Travel

  • Must-see attractions in Kyiv included
  • Pay for basic package only or add optional short and day tours
  • Opportunity to choose and add extras depending on your group preferences
  • Ability to make the program more relaxing or more intense

Basic package



Day 1: meeting at the airport, checking-in in the hotel, optional short extra tour

Do the must-sees together, split for optional tours. Will it be Opera or Bar Crawl?
The feature of the program - every group member can compose and personalize his tour easily.


We’ll meet you at the airport and arrange check-in at the hotel. Depending on the time of your arrival you can start your sightseeing right away or have rest before intense adventures of the second day.

Optional short tour of the first day - Historical Kyiv or Kyiv National Opera House.


Day 2: Kyiv panoramic tour and free time after lunch, optional short extra tour


After the delicious breakfast at the hotel we’ll start our day with Kyiv Panoramic Tour. You will see the aristocratic mansions, memorable historical places in the central part of Kyiv, variety of archaic on the streets of old Podil, fascinating ancient temples and the most famous modern sights.

After lunch, you’ll go on with one of the optional tours: taste the best dishes of Ukrainian cuisine on Kyiv Food & Drink Tour; have an unforgettable evening of best craft beers on Kyiv Beer Tour or try the most interesting and unusual cocktails in Kyiv secret bars on Speakeasy Kyiv – Bar Crawl Drinking Tour. If you prefer to spend your evening in a more spiritual way consider visiting

Kyiv National Opera House.


Day 3: Whole day tour of your choice. Choose from optional tours - Chernobil/ Old City of Chernihiv/ Military/ Romantic

Go for unique experience and emotions to Chernobyl
For adventures to Strategic Missile Museum
For romantic day choose Tunnel of Love


Spend the whole day on one of the engrossing optional tours visiting one of the planet’s most unique and affecting places on One-day tour to the Chernobyl zone and Pripyat-town; feeling the real secret agent in the Strategic Missile Forces Museum; or discovering one of the most romantic places in the world and acquiring stunning souvenirs on the Tunnel of Love and Amber Museum +Amber Shop Tour.


Day 4: Optional short extra tour, transfer to the airport


Starting with breakfast at the hotel, you have an option to relax before your departure or to engage in one more half-day optional tour - to the Mezhyhiria Presidential Residence, which became the largest Museum of Corruption in the world. 

Optional short and day tours


Historical Kyiv

Duration:  3 hours

Price:        1 person – 120$

                  2 persons – 60$

Kyiv (or Kiev) is one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe. Archaeological excavations show that the settlements in the Kyiv area date back 15-20 millenia. In ancient times Kyiv was the capital of the formidable Kievan Rus – the confederation of the Slavic city-states, whose heyday falls on the reign of Saint Vladimir «The Baptist» (960-1015 AD), who brought Christianity to the then pagan Kievan Rus. Later Vladimir’s son, Yaroslav «The Wise» (978-1054 AD), furthered his father’s cause and has literally put Kievan Rus on the map of Europe.

Dive deep into the history, find out:

  • What were the origins of the Russian land and Kievan Rus;
  • Why was the city’s main gate named «The Golden Gate» and where in Kyiv was the Golden Street;
  • What was the secret that Yaroslav «The Wise» had hidden away from everybody;
  • In which direction does the mace of The Great Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky point;
  • What were the facts that have brought the St. Michael’s Monastery to its ultimate demise and ensued its destruction;
  • What is the connection between Kyiv and St. Andrew


Kyiv Food & Drink


Duration:                     3 hours

Price :                         1 person – 120$

                                    2 persons – 80$

Kyiv cuisine keeps ancient monastery secrets and Cossack recipes, combines Ukrainian and Jewish, Polish and Armenian culinary traditions.

Some of the Kyiv delicacies have become world-known brands. But there are some exclusive dishes that you can taste only in the right places (and our guide knows them!).

During our food & drink tour you will discover and taste the most delicious, unique and unusual Kyiv dishes and drinks.

Your final menu will depend on your choice and wishes.

Speakeasy Kyiv - Bar Crawl Drinking Tour


Duration:  2-4 hours

Price:   1 person – 120$ 

             2-3 persons – 95$  

             4-5 persons – 85$ 

             6-7 persons – 75$ 

             8-15 persons – 68$

Speakeasy bars first appeared in the 19th century. They became very popular during the Dry Law period in the USA, and today they turned into a trendy phenomenon. Speakeasy bars can be found in almost every metropolis of the world. In Kyiv, they appeared relatively recently. Therefore you can discover something really latter-day.

We invite you to the Bar Crawl tour around the four best speakeasy bars in Kyiv with an experienced guide who knows secret passages and all barmen by name.

Kyiv speakeasy bars’ barmen, including multiple prize-winners of international competitions, constantly experiment with ingredients and proportions, and create new, unique cocktails. Assess their skills on our Bar Crawl drinking tour.


Kyiv National Opera House*


Duration:                                                        2-3 hours

Price (depends on ticket type):                       per person – 40$-80$




The Ukrainian opera and ballet art is famous in the whole world. The National Opera of Ukraine succeeded to integrate into the world’s music life, which can be attested by regular tours and participation in international contests.

The history of the National Opera of Ukraine commenced in 1867 when numerous petitions addressed to the government yielded the creation of a regular opera troupe in Kiev, which was then one of the significant centers of the empire. The first music theatre appeared beyond the empire’s capitals – Moscow and St. Petersburg.

In general, the artistic traditions in Kiev can be traced back to the remote past. We know this from the epic cycle where the acrobats and skomorokhs (wandering artists) who performed in the court of prince Volodymyr the Great are described.

* Seasonal, only during theatre season


Chernobyl zone and Pripyat-town


Duration:         whole day

Price :             Regular tour – 99$ (booking should be made 5 days before the departure)

                       Urgent tour – 149$ (last minute registration, very next day departure is possible, if places are available)






In 1986, Chernobyl became the site of the largest technological disaster in the history of mankind. Everything has changed since then: more than 100,000 tourists from all over the world visit the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone every year. It is the most popular tourist attraction in Ukraine. The territory of the Zone has become a natural park inhabited by rare animal species. Today Chernobyl is a must-see place for everyone; therefore tour to Chernobyl is the most popular excursion in Ukraine.

Nature abhors a vacuum. People left the Exclusion Zone in 1986, but hundreds of animal and bird species, including those listed in the Red Book, inhabit this territory now. Here you can see black cranes, eagle owls, elks, dears, wolves, as well as Przewalski’s horses and even bears and lynxes. In 2017, the Chernobyl Biosphere Reserve was established on the territory of the Exclusion Zone.


  • Transport by air-conditioned coach
  • Medical insurance
  • Professional guide
  • All permits required to visit Chernobyl Zone
  • Permission for the photo and video shooting
  • Entrance fees


Strategic Missile Forces Museum

Duration:  3 hours 

Price  (per person): 

Strategic Missile Forces Museum Tour : 

  • 1 person   – 350$
  • 2 persons – 180$ 
  • 3 persons – 140$  
  • 4 persons – 120$ 
  • 5 persons – 100$ 
  • 6 persons – 90$  
  • 7 -15 persons – 80$

Strategic Missile Forces Museum Tour + Tank driving:

  • 1 person   – $550
  • 2 persons – $520






After the collapse of the USSR, Ukraine inherited 176 intercontinental ballistic missiles. Almost half of them were located on a secret base near the city of Pervomaisk. Each of these missiles could reach the USA and carried a nuclear charge, which was ten times greater than the bombs that had destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Until the end of the 1990s, it was impossible to get to the base territory guarded by radiolocation detection system, 3,000 volts of electricity, a minefield and soldiers with machine guns. Since 2001, things changed greatly as the missile forces base has become a unique museum.


  • A real missile forces base
  • Ballistic missiles and their components
  • "RED" button and UCP



Once this tank guarded a secret missile base, and today you have a unique opportunity to ride it. At a military training ground next to the Strategic Missile Forces Museum, you can have a ride in the T-62 tank cockpit and feel the mighty power of the 700 hp engine.


Tunnel of Love and Amber Museum + Amber Shop


Duration:                     10 hours

Price (per person):     1-3 persons – 199$

                                   4-6 persons – 110$

                                   7-15 persons – 60$


“...Amazing examples of  how people can complement  the nature’s creations and turn them  into real works of art.” 

The Tunnel of Love became famous thanks to photographers who noticed that pictures shot in the tunnel are incredibly atmospheric and fabulous. Today, the Tunnel of Love is one of the top European attractions. Thousands of travelers visit it every year.

Ukrainian amber also attracts tourists as it is more suitable for making jewelry than the Baltic. And its big size (sometimes they find 3-5 kg nuggets) allows to create unique things. It’s the only Amber Museum in Ukraine where you can see unique exhibits such as nuggets with fossil insects, the oldest amber item in Ukraine, which is a disk-amulet (more than 2 thousand years old), and about 2 kg amber nugget.


Do you want to acquire unique amber products for your collection? Welcome to the brand store of the “Yantar Ukrainy” (“Ukraine’s Amber”) company. Here you will find a large selection of amber jewelry, sculpture and pictures, as well as exclusive items (e.g. amber club and amber table lamp).


Mezhyhiria Presidential Residence


Duration:                     4-6 hours

Price :                         1 person – 220$ 

                                   2 persons – 110$ 

                                   3 persons – 90$ 

                                   4 persons – 80$ 

                                   5 persons – 70$ 

                                   6-15 persons – 50$


Since the early days of Kievan Rus, there was a monastery in Mezhyhirya. According to legend, the library of Prince Yaroslav the Wise was kept in it. In 1935, the monastery was completely destroyed and a residence for the Soviet statesmen was built on its territory.

From 2007 to 2014, the former President Yanukovych built an incredibly luxury 140-hectare complex, enclosed by a 5-meter fence. In 2016, Transparency International named Yanukovych the number one top corruption symbol in the world. Today Mezhyhirya is one of the Ukraine’s main attractions and a vivid example of how power and money can influence a person.


  • In Mezhyhirya, there is a Museum of retro cars, where you can see collection cars, Soviet representative limousines and even military equipment;
  • “Honka” is  the main element of the Museum of Corruption with many unique (and insanely expensive) things such as golden chandeliers, a music box that costs $ 0.5 million, a flower pot decorated with snake skin, Steinway & Sons piano etc.


  • Transport by air-conditioned coach or car
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Professional guide
  • Entrance tickets to the Mezhyhirya Residence


  • entrance fee to Honka – 25$
  • entrance fee to museum of retro cars – 2$
  • entrance fee to bath complex – 2$ 
  • entrance fee to dogs training center – 1,5$

Compose your price

A price for a basic package is:

What’s included in the basic package


  • Accommodation – 3 nights in Kyiv
  • Meals: breakfasts
  • Transfers according to the main tour program
  • English-speaking guides for transfers and excursions on itinerary
  • Entrances as per main program

Not included in the basic package

  • Optional short and day tours
  • Air tickets
  • Lunches (from $ 15) and dinners (from $ 18)
  • Extra meals at the request of guests
  • Permissions for photo-video shooting at the museums and objects
  • Tipping, Personal expenses

Why to choose Anga Travel


  • Choose a reliable partner. We’ve got 8 years experience as a tour operator in Ukraine.
  • Get your tour from the first hands. It’s a guarantee of the lower price.
  • Make changes and communicate quickly. We make all the tours ourselves, not just resell.