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Підписка на розсилку

Ви можете оформити підписку та отримувати повідомлення на вказану електронну адресу про наші новини та гарячі пропозиції

Join tours for locals and get local prices

Do you know, how much Ukrainians pay for tours around Ukraine?

Weekend at skiing resort Bukoval 3 days — 2150 grn

Ethno Carpathians 4 days — 4990 grn


We are Ukrainian tour operator. We invite you to join local tours and enjoy local prices. If you can use Google Translator, you can choose any of our tours, not only translated in English. Contact us for help with selection or find local tour by your own at https://anga.ua/tour/


What to expect when you go with our local tour

  • Comfortable hotels checked out by us;
  • Transfers by comfortable buses;
  • Group administrator may speak English or not;
  • If group administrator doesn’t speak English, you’ll have emergency phone contact to support you during the tour;
  • Meals of traditional Ukrainian cuisine;
  • If there are excursions, they will be in Ukrainian.


You’ve chosen your tour, what’s next?

  • Prepare your passport copy
  • Call us or contact in FB https://www.facebook.com/AngaTravel/
  • Check all the tour details with manager
  • Receive an invoice to pay through any bank
  • Get confirmation and further instructions






Welcome to Ukraine!